Gas Fitter Wollongong

When you need an expert gas fitter Wollongong or Sydney, you can count on the great value and service you receive from Cobra Plumbing.

We have qualified tradesman fully licensed to install LPG and natural gas.


Gas Fitter Services in Wollongong:

  • GAS APPLIANCE INSTALLATIONS: We can help connect your gas ovens, barbecues, water heaters and gas heaters.
  • GAS PIPING REPAIRS: If you have an issue with your gas pipes we can perform an expert repair.
  • NEW GAS LINES: For new gas line installations, for example for new outdoor barbecues, or for an oven in a new location.
  • GAS SAFETY INSPECTIONS: If you suspect an issue with the safety of your existing gas installation (for example if you have just moved into a property), our gas experts can perform a safety evaluation and inspection.
  • GAS PROFESSIONALS: We are fully licensed and insured for your gas fitting needs. Indeed Cobra Plumbing has been the trusted choice of home owners and businesses as a trusted and qualified gas fitter in Wollongong for many years.
  • UP-FRONT PRICING: With Cobra Plumbing you always know the full price in advance for your peace of mind. Don’t pay by the hour! With Cobra Plumbing you pay the quoted price no matter how long the job takes.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You’ll be completely satisfied with the polite, clean-cut and professional service you receive from our experienced gas fitters.


For all your gas fitter needs across the Sydney and Wollongong Region, call and speak with Cobra Plumbing today on 0435 065 511.