Blocked Drains in Wollongong

blocked-drain1Cobra Plumbing specialises in fixing blocked drains in Wollongong and Sydney. We hear all the time customers getting a plumber out to fix a blocked drain on the cheap and the next day more issues arise, so the cheap repair ends up being a complete waste of money.

Not with us, we get the job done right the first time leaving you with no more hassles and stress free knowing your blocked drain will be sorted and dealt with then and there.

Don’t be fooled into a false sense of economy, pay for experience and expertise the first time and get it done properly! Cobra Plumbing trucks are equipped with high pressure water jets capable of clearing all size pipework from 32mm to 350mm .

We also carry an assortment of the latest technologies in drain cleaning nozzles to suit every type of blockage including tree root cutters, fat penetrating and specialised nozzles for the removal of dirt and debris from pipework.

And of course, we leave your place as tidy if not tidier than when we arrived.