What is Pipe Relining?

So What Is Pipe Relining?

Maybe you havent heard about pipe relining? That’s OK. You don’t live and breathe plumbing like we do at Cobra Plumbing. Pipe relining has been around for over a decade but it remains a practice only done by experienced expert plumbers.

The process is fairly easy for an experienced plumbing company like us and the name describes it well.  Basically your expert plumber from Cobra Plumbing will re-line the interior of the pipes in your home or business. The process involves less labour and less damage and can be done in just a few steps, so it’s a great alternative to the old method if it can be done.

First we use a tube that is specially designed to fit inside of the pipe, this will then expand until it fills the pipe.

Second, our expert plumbers cover the outside of the tube with a resin which then expands and cures to provide a seal that is absolutely seamless.

The only real downside to pipe relining is that it might not always be a viable solution. If the damage has been caused by tree roots leaving it with a large gaping hole, we’re going to have to dig. Sorry! 

Why Cobra Plumbing pipe relining?

The #1 advantage when you cann Cobra Plumbing Wollongong for your pipe relining on your property is no new pipes and less labour. That means by simply offering the service, we save you money! As one of the few plumbers in the area that offer the service, we already save you dosh. The added benefit is we are a small, family-focused business of experienced plumbers.. So we are able to keep our costs low!

The 2nd benefit to choosing pipe relining with The Cobra is that it’s non-invasive. That means less damage to your property! We require little to no digging on your premises and we can keep your homes beautiful driveways, gardens, lawns or footpaths.

Number #3 is a surprising one to most. Pipe relining is actually both durable and robust. The typical warranty you’ll get for a pipe relining job can stretch anyway from 10 to 40 years.

The 4th advantage to pipe relining as opposed to the alternate methods is that it also is eco-friendly. You’ll find that it will do less damage to the landscape surrounding the pipes so the grass, gardens will thank you!

and the 5th and final benefit to using Cobra Plumbing? Well.. 30 Plus Years of Experience. Pipe relining is not a service provided by all plumbers. When opting for pipe-relining, ensure your company uses plumbers experienced in the process and regularly offers pipe relining to customers. You don’t want a first-timer blocking up your pipes just so you can call us later! 😉

How to get in touch

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Or you can simply goback to basics and give us a call on 0435-065-511. Talk to you soon! 🙂

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